A little offshoot of Shifting Birmingham is being exhibited at the Custard Factory, thanks to the Daphne Francis Gallery from 1st December and into the new year!


Daphne Francis - custard factory n


Exhibition Flyer Birmingham-900 years Low Res

Nita Newman presents: Shifting Birmingham: 900 Years Drawn & Erased

Shifting Birmingham: 900 Years Drawn & Erased is a visual & public participatory art exhibition based on the soon to be demolished historic Birmingham Wholesale market. Birmingham’s maps will be traced from 1553 & shown as a time lapse animation showing the shape of Birmingham evolving in relation to the historic Wholesale Markets today.

Free map related printing workshops with Holly O’Meara are available to book along with a chance to exhibit your work (find out how to book below). Holly can also be found at @CraftyBunStudio on Facebook.

There will be tours of Birmingham’s missing spaces (fee applies) on Sat 23rd September.

This exhibition complements Friction Arts Heritage Lottery funded ‘Wholesale Memory’ project. Visit for more details.

Guest artist Georgia Chapman will be presenting a series of drawn portraits of market traders inspired by the photography of Dan Burwood.

A limited edition flip book and an essay will be produced Joseph Lilley visit for more details about Joseph’s practice.

Kindly funded by Arts Council England. Supported by Friction Arts, Midland Industrial Association and National Trust Heritage Open Days.

For full information on the exhibition flyer and information below.

Private view:  Fri 8th Sept 5pm-9pm (Artist Talk 6 PM) All welcome!

Exhibition days MONDAY-FRIDAY only (3rd Floor Gallery)

Thurs 31st August – Friday 8th September 1pm-5pm. The exhibition is free to attend and does not require booking.

Exhibition continues on the ground floor gallery from Friday 8th Sept to Friday 22nd Sept. (Mon-Fri by appointment only- 07779 414598)

Guided walks of Birmingham’s Missing Spaces- From the ground floor Showcase Gallery:  on Sat 23rd Sept £3.00 per person £6.00 for family groups. (10 – 12noon & 2 – 4pm)

Print workshops (free) 7th & 8th Sept 1pm-4pm – families welcome! Places limited. Demonstrations commence at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm (last entry for printing 3pm)     Booking essential. Please email:

The Jubilee Centre; Opposite the Wholesale Markets. 3rd Floor with lift access (Works Gallery) 130, Pershore Street, Birmingham B5 6ND

Exhibition Flyer Birmingham-900 years Low Res


Mapping and the metaphysical flyer


















































Call out for participants. 

‘We never met.’ 

 As the railway line had never been linked up back in 1848, I asked myself what the separated pieces would say to each other if they could talk…and I imagined them to say, “We never met”.

Nita Newman

Artist Nita Newman is recruiting participants to be part of a site specific audio composition in conjunction with Vinyl Artspace, and curated by Andre De Jong. The Birmimgham audio will be released on line in October. All participants will be acknowledged by name.  The artist further plans to display the audio links in station waiting rooms in Birmingham, Oxford and London.

Nita is calling for as many participants as possible from Birmingham and London to quote the line “We never met” in quick succession and at varying volumes and paces, repeating certain words. Accidentally stumbling over the phrase would also add to the composition and recreate the rhythm of a train in an attempt to conceptually bridge the gap between the separated pieces. Each group of people will be categorised as a ‘station’ and ‘carriage’.

Background : In 1848 a rail link from Bordesley to Duddeston was planned to join the Oxford and London lines, building started however the viaducts were never linked. The remaining parts of the viaducts now appear to be arrested by the path of the road.


 How do I participate ?

Click on the facebook page link and ‘like’ this page. Updates and events will follow.


Proposals and other things…
Participants are actively encouraged to put their own proposals forward to enable different interpretations to take place. The number of people who can occupy a carriage may vary. The artist will accept proposals at her own discretion.

Participants can join the train more than once and participate multiple times if they so wish.

PARTICIPANTS: This list will grow over time.                                                                                                                                                 


Carriage No 1. Station Stop: The School of Art Bournville. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the people who took the time out of their busy schedules. I could not do this without you.

This carriage consists of 40 participants

Sharnaka Haque
Anita Kaur Mann
Oscar Cass Darweish
Sophie Trott
Lucy Matthews
Sonia Fergadioti
Iona Clinton
Urvahi Kanda
Sophie Bracegirdle
Beth Cullen
Xara Griffiths
Laura White
Joe Perrins
Graham Litchfield
Joshua Philpott
Olivia Harrison
Tina Wells
Joanne Kwan
Joud Mohammed
Chris Slesser
Conor Evans
Susan King
Jackie Sanderson
Janette Harris
Amy Templeton
Bob Mucklow
Elizabeth O’Connor
Rebekah Brennan
Jennie Wright
Abby Johnson
Linda Matti

Speed section:

Carole Sherman
Emma Byrne
Davin Pogson
Chrissie Hewitt
Rita Fletcher
Anna Sllandakowska
Carl Farmer
Carl Vinnicome
Bobby Dewsbury

Viaduct on the corner of Heathmill Lane, Great Barr Street and Liverpool Street, Digbeth, Birmingham

Viaduct on the corner of Heathmill Lane, Great Barr Street and Liverpool Street, Digbeth, Birmingham


Carriage no. 2 Friction Arts. Art Club.

Station Stop: The Works Gallery. Pershore Street, Birmingham.

Saturday 10th August 2013

Muhammad Saddiq
Holly Turpin
Sanna Javid
Erinn Kenna
Aleysha Saddiq
Apache Birkill
Rose Magaia Makamdem
Dawad Asad
Sonny Ataria-Wright
Tony Lewis-Taylor
Ruben Danber
Shomari Ebanks


2 thoughts on “News

  1. Hello Nita!

    I’m Sonia, the Greek MA student who works in room 204, in Ruskin Hall. I saw your note about your new project and I am interested to say “We never met”. Just let me know where and when…

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