Shifting Birmingham at The Wholesale Markets

Shifting Birmingham is getting around, and in all sorts of different configurations. See the new layout at The Birmingham Wholesale Markets; care of Friction Arts and their Wholesale Memory Project.

This free exhibition will be open each Sunday from 8am-1pm, and Wednesday from 7-12pm and consists of exhibits about the 900 year history of markets on the site, contemporary photographs and interviews with traders, workers and customers and the relatively recent history of the Sunday carboot sale. Friction Arts have been working as artists on the site since 2001 and have gathered a unique archive of photographs, artefacts and interviews with some of the fascinating characters that inhabit Smithfield.

Find out about the Wholesale Market project by Friction Arts here.

Nita Newman is proud to be able to contribute her response as part of this important exhibition, and again be alongside her brilliant mentee and young portrait artist, Georgia Chapman. 20171110_152808

This installation will be available to view until February 2018 prior to the demolition of the Birmingham Smithfield Market site.

A flip book of the maps and framed Birmingham quotes will also be available to purchase.