Shifting Birmingham & Bournville College.

Beautiful mono prints.

Thanks to Bonita Leatham and Amanda Blake from Bournville College for taking part in printmaking workshops and an exhibition based on ‘Time and space’ and ‘Our worlds’.

Students found out about the origins of Birmingham dating back to Saxon times where exchange and trading took place on the soon to be demolished Birmingham ‘Smithfield’ Wholesale Market site.  The site is due to move to Witton; the impact of this move was discussed with students. ‘Smithfield’ sites also appear in  London and Manchester.

The workshop took on a distinctly planetary theme where students came well prepared to produce beautiful ‘ ‘mappings’ of their own personal worlds. This work has been integrated into project work as part of the student modules.

Thanks to Holly O’Meara, our printmaking expert for helping to make this happen.


Artist Duncan Kostello commented that the student exhibit displayed connections to binary coding. All similar with very different meanings and internal structures.