Shifting Birmingham: 900 years drawn and erased

In the words of Mike Skinner from ‘The Streets’ album, A Grand Don’t Come For Free, “It was supposed to be so easy”…

I could have had the maps scanned, but I like the quality of raking light cutting across the paper and the shadows created forming contours from the folds. In book binding terms, these folds are ‘valley’ and ‘mountain’ folds; appropriate for the subject matter. This process adds an extra layer, or it can be argued, an extra layer of difficulty. I never go the easy way around.

001 Dan at the Library

Dan Burwood is pictured her lining up the maps so that they can be accurately layered over each other for the process of the animation.

Dan has completed the map photography back to 1553 so far, however the task of ensuring they line up accurately is pretty much impossible. The width of the roads and the accuracy of the map erodes with time. So, I have decide to trace them as they are, with all of their nuances and inaccuracies; I am sure my own errors will creep into the work as I wonder through the streets tracing them with my pencil.

I will be tracing the streets of Birmingham over the next few weeks and then passing my work to Oscar Cass-Darweish to animate the maps. Can’t wait to see what it’s all going to look like.

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