Let’s Talk. From group show entitled ‘Proposal 2’


Title: Let’s talk. (2012) Projection, animated Charcoal on Fabriano Drawings, Morse Code.

The work itself reacts to the premise of Proposal 2 in the form of a call and response. The two ‘participants’ sing a line in turn from the final verse of a well-known song by Cold Play entitled Let’s Talk. The Morse code merely attempts to bridge a gap between how they could ‘communicate’ with each other if the devices were self-aware.




Sedgley Beacon is home to two communication devices. One being a Beacon which was lit for defensive communications as far back as 1588; the current Beacon was built in 1840. The latter is a working telecommunications mast.  Looking towards the East there would be no higher peaks between these two sentinels and the Ural Mountains 2,400miles away. Unfortunately, because of the distance and the curvature of the earth it is impossible to see this far with the naked eye. It is interesting to think that although we would like to surmise that cutting edge technology can overcome boundaries, it cannot operate without the aid of a high vantage point so that it can metaphysically ‘see’ the world, just like its brick built counterpart.


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