Castling – Glasgow International (2012)

Castling Billboard 2012

Traffic Jam.
Digital collage

‘For the Glasgow International Festival 2012 Extra Special People from Eastside Projects Birmingham initiated a collaborative project between artists in Birmingham and Glasgow in the form of a billboard exchange. Entitled Castling the project references the exterior billboard structure at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, ESP constructed several billboards in the Project Space at Hanson Street Studios in the East End of Glasgow alongside this ‘virtual billboard’.

For the online billboard, 11 artists from the wider Birmingham area and 11 artists from the wider Glasgow area were invited to create a ‘pasting’ which would respond to the last days posting. Each day you could only see one image and could not click back to see the previous. Artists from Birmingham and Glasgow alternated each day. This archive is the first time that all images are displayed together in a sequential order. You can click on each image to enlarge it to its initial ‘billboard’ size’.


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