Designated area of natural beauty. Phase 4 ‘Allotment’ (Plot 2) The MAC

Phase 4 (Plot2): Proposal curated by Dan Auluk and Oscar Cass-Darweish

Proposal Name:   ‘Designated area of natural beauty’

Designated area of natural beauty.Digital drawing

Designated area of natural beauty No2 copy reduced

designated area of natural beauty No3 copy reduced

It is often the case that we are directed to such spaces, I am challenging others to make their own choice around the area of the mac. Participants can either mark their favorite spot on a map of the mac or submit a photograph so that it can be pinned to a large ariel map. The area can be as big or small as they like. It could be merely a vantage point, a pathway or even a favorite bench.

Participants can be of any age, and would also be invited to write a short note explaining their choice and why they feel this is their ‘territory’.


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