Blind Drawing # 2. Allotment – The Midlands Arts Centre

Blind Drawing #2: A translation of a journey interpreted through a drawing performance.

Blind drawing performance instigated by Dan Auluk for his Allotment residency at the MAC Birmingham.

Permanent white marker pen on MDF. Duration: approx. 60 mins.

The performance

In this experiment I attempted to trace the steps of Dan’s aurally recorded and blindfolded journey from Selly Oak to the Mac. I literally stepped into Dan’s shoes; listening to his guide and sensing how he moved through space according to these instructions;  interpreting movements through the act of drawing blindfolded. 

Although the aural journey is identical, the drawing appeared to be very different as the individual perception of movement was interpreted and overlaid over Dan’s original drawing in my own unique style.


The act of blind drawing was originally explored by the French artist Kimon Nicolaïdes and more recently by the artist Claude Heath. This technique can be used to translate objects or images in to drawings through touch, memory or sight.

Blind Drawing<br />Performance



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