AGORA (2012)



Venue:  The Agora, Tooting market, London.

Films Shown:

The Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames

The Powers of Ten by Nita Newman

Only Fools and horses: The Frogs Legacy; another film shown in the Agora, unfortunately I do not have permission to show the clip on this site : Del boy uses uncle Albert as a stooge in order to sell the ‘healing powers of  the electronic back massager’; but it all goes horribly wrong when Albert suddenly turns into a leaping, heel clicking west end dancer.


In the Agora I questioned the audience regarding the awareness of the self when travelling through space; what journeys are memorable and why? At what point we drift off on the habitual path. Who are we at any particular point; Drone, Voyeur or Flaneur?

I also explored the relationships between myself as an artist, market traders and the internet as a social and marketing force; has the advent of internet shopping, and out of town shopping malls damaged the market trader, or has the market survived by providing a welcome antidote to the clinical capitalist dream?

I spoke candidly about how I felt about the market and my relationship with the market trader as a customer and as an artist. I began to break down how relationships between people change according to how we question this. I told the audience that I was uncomfortable around market traders until I realised why; the market trader is normally the proprietor, the owner or ‘the boss’, unlike the shopping malls where you would normally encounter an employee who was just like me. When speaking to the market trader, you are speaking directly to ‘the management’; and that is why I sometimes feel intimidated.

Ultimately, are artists and market traders just as delusional as each other, setting our ‘stage’, performing and selling our wares and hoping that someday we will make it big in a small world?

NW at AGORA at the market

NW at agora audience




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