Zoom +/- (2011)

The Powers of Ten.Installation Documentation

The Powers of Ten
Audio Visual animated immersive installation.


The room (Unit 309- Courtesy of Dan Auluk) operates as an abstraction of a waiting room area.

The audience is seated in an immersive dark space filled by the sounds that accompany the moving sphere. When the sphere fills the screen the room is plunged into total darkness.

The black sphere on screen is the only form of reference in the room that merely points to the feeling of movement rather than any moving describable mechanical object.

This work was later to be shown in a very different context at as part as an artist talk and seminar in Tooting Market, London.
The Main Gallery and Group Show:

Artists: Katie Dieth; Dr Brian Haddock; Nita Newman; Paul Newman

A-B No.1 reduced

A-B No.1

A - B No.2 reduced

A – B No.2

DSC_7157 reduced

Installation View

DSC_7165 reduced

Installation view

The cost of living reduced

The cost of living.
Tracing on found copy of ‘The Independent’


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