Scan 1 (2011) – Installation view from group show, Ego 2

Scan 1 (2010)
Installation shown at ‘Ego 2’ and previous two person show ‘Fleeting’ (2010)
You tube excerpt 1:29. (Full video 16 mins.)

Ego 2 Installation reduced



Scan 1 is a 360 degree video taken from a handmade motorised platform. The footage was taken from Sedgley Beacon (the second highest vantage point in the West Midlands; the highest being Barr Beacon). There are no higher peaks between Sedgley Beacon and the Ural Mountains 2400 miles away in an easterly direction.

The work attempts to explore the gap between the physically looking and searching versus the internet search engine. The camera acts as a lonely sentinel sweeping the landscape, occasionally resting to ‘gaze upon’ a seemingly random point on the horizon before quickly moving on to scrutinise the landscape elsewhere.

The work at the Group show ‘Ego 2’ shows the actual platform and turntable used to make the video.

I plan to make many more videos linking vantage points; ultimately with a view to link Sedgley to the Ural Mountains …watch this space.


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