My understanding of this … (2009) 

From 100 possible understandings of this; VIVID (2009)

My understanding of this


This is everything and nothing, my reason for being, for living. I do this for me.

I am this.

But this gets sent through artist networks. 
This doesn’t reach everyone; the general public doesn’t care about this if this stands alone.
Being this doesn’t give this the key to open the door to this; therefore, this is rejected because of this.

This isn’t all that. This can be complicated and confused by other understandings and general meaning of this.
This is all relative. This is different. This is entitled not to be compared. 

This reaches out to open the door to this, but this gets in the way.
The gap between this and this is rarely understood, due to this being relative to each version of this.

This gets confused.

This had difficulty communicating this.

This, this and this used to congregate at this place to watch various versions of this together. 
This bought this together.
Now this watches various versions of this in segregation to this.

This is apart. 
This is a long way from this.
This exists in ’loneley crowds’

We are this. 
This is different now. 
This is of a different time. 
This cannot be taken back to this. 
This is old enough to remember this, but remember, younger versions of this won’t remember this. 
This can’t appreciate this. 
New versions of this can’t replace this.

This is this and this can’t be compared to this, dependant on when this was experienced.

This congregates on line. 
This is a separated form of this. 
This is diluted. This is world wide. 
This is a loose knit version of this.

This tries to bring this, this and this together.

This is this’s explanation of this.


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