Life by proxy (2009)

This 48 television installation is derived from an experiment conducted within my own neighbourhood; exploring the relationships between myself and my neighbours and also the relationships they held with each other via digitally recorded interviews.

The arrangement of my work depicts the social separation and isolation I experienced at street level; and me as an observed observer examining these concepts. Thankfully, I found small pockets of ‘neighbourliness’; but I also found the majority of the neighbourhood indifferent, suspicious and silent. I received a certain amount of hostility towards my tentative questioning and was informed of ‘complaints’ made against these investigations through a member of the street who was deemed as ‘The correct channel’

Life by Proxy is a project started at Birmingham City University as an ongoing investigation into the theories of psychogeography* and the physicality of travelling versus modern ways of communication and its effects on our society. I consider myself an armchair explorer, or female flaneur; watching the world go by, commenting and exploring how we communicate on line and offline in this increasingly digitised world.

* Guy Debord’s often quoted definition of psychogeography describes ‘The study of the specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organised or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals’

DSC_0090 reduced                        Life By Proxy. 48 Analogue television audio visual installation.


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