Strangerlands (2007)

The Strangerlands project was an exercise in trust and communication exploring the relationship between artist and stranger; my self set task was to interview and photograph 25 strangers and ask them to recall their best and worst experiences and their likes and dislikes about themselves. The individuals that I spoke to gave a surprisingly frank and insightful account of their often touching and poignant recollections of spiraling highs and crushing lows.

We are taught from an early age not to talk to strangers, however I feel that by and large we have more in common with each other than we assume. My mono-prints were produced in the time it took to conduct each interview and varied in completion. The time it takes to build these relationships enables all of us to create a deeper understanding and create a clearer psychological and physical picture of the people we encounter in our everyday lives. We often base our past good or bad experiences of others and impose them on people we see everyday. I had to struggle with this myself; who could I approach, and why did I manage to speak to some and not others?
4 minutes and 26 seconds

Joan Evans




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